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🦋 Nurses Week Spotlight 🦋

To celebrate Nurses Week, we wanted to shine a spotlight on our amazing Enterprise nursing staff. These are the folks doing the real work and we would not be able to provide the level of care and service that we do without them. Thank you soooo much for all that you do, and we hope you keep up the amazing work!!

Meet our Enterprise team…
Top Left: Brittney Adams, RN
April DeOliviera, RN
Lisa Lane, RN
Cassie Twitty, RN
Middle Left: Cynthia Curenton, RN
Anna DeAlmeida, LPN
Amy James, RN
Adair Bunnell, LPN
Bottom Left: Tiffany Seal, RN
Roxanne Branch, RN
Yogi Grimes, LPN
Vickie Smith, LPN

Nurse: Someone with a strong desire to care for others. ❤️