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Stroke & Coma for Physicians

To qualify for hospice, a stroke patient must have a terminal prognosis as evidenced by:
  • Palliative Performance Scale 40 or less

Inability to maintain hydration and caloric intake with one of the following:

  • Weight loss of 10% of body weight during previous six months
  • Weight loss of 7.5% of body weight during previous three months
  • Serum albumin 2.5 gm/dl
  • Current history of pulmonary aspiration without effective response to speech language pathology interventions
  • Calorie counts documenting inadequate caloric/fluid intake

Any three of the following on day three of coma

  • Abnormal brainstem response
  • Absent verbal response
  • Absent withdrawal response to pain
  • Serum creatinine level level > 1.5 mg/dl