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Saying Thanks with Lunch and Sno Cones!

Showing appreciation for our partners is something we enjoy doing. Hospice and Palliative care is not easy work. The hours can be long and the training to get there is difficult. While getting the occasional “thank you for your hard work” is appreciated, we also like to show our fellow partners in the medical field appreciation by stopping by and treating them from time to time.

That’s what we did with our friends at Enterprise Medical Clinic and Enterprise Health and Rehab! We treated Enterprise Health and Rehab clinical staff to lunch to show how much we care and then stopped by Enterprise Medical Clinic to help them cool off with surprise Sno-Balls.

Gestures like these are important to us. We know first hand how difficult working in this field is and we want all of our colleagues to feel appreciated. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Y’ALL!